• A library for teenagers

  • 1. Get To know the library

    People can know more about the library through 'theme games' with library resources.

    Model-Introduce the library

    This is a model divided into four areas. the first floor in the lower right corner, with service desk, computer and some activity information; the lower left corner is the second floor, there is a space for personal movie watching and many interesting and educational DVDs; The upper left corner is the third floor, combined with the comfortable space of newspapers and magazines and cafes; the upper right corner is the fourth floor, with a wide variety of books and study areas.

    Video-Theme Game Activity Introduction

    First receive the theme task via the QR code, and complete tasks from every area to let the public know the library better.

    For example, people should find the selected movie from computer area, and find the answer form the introduction of the selected DVD. The next step is finding the selected magazines and input the name of cover model. The final level, finding the selected country's information about studying aboard, and input the number of the book shelf. Then go to the next page to finish the feedback sheet, and all the mission will be completed. (To offer more information, we will put some newest book's details under the number of the book shelf.)

  • 2.read and learn

    With the combination of lighting, individual spaces, comfortable environment and cafe, we create a relaxing environment for students to indulge themselves in this library.

    Model-Comfortable Reading Area

    Through the variety of different space designs, this place is able to fulfill every need for all users.
    Private areas on the upper right and left side are for multiples and discussions, open reading area on the lower left side (with our lazy-bone installation) and cafe in the middle form a pleasant reading environment.

    Video-Enjoyable Time of Reading

    We aim to create a pleasant reading environment. With a cafe and cozy seat area, users can read freely and comfortably here. The cafe is equipped with easy-cleaning seats to keep it neat and tidy. To fulfill every need, we also provide private areas for group discussion.

  • 3.tool and learn

    We encourage citizens to learn more different kinds of skills , which develop the ability of solving problems and learning knowledge.

    Model-Multifunctional Computer Room

    The multi-functional computer rooms are separated into three parts.

    There are two classrooms for the courses which can cultivate professionals; and the other area we provide a comfortable environment which helps the people who already known how to use the tools to have more creative ideas.

    Video-More Convenient Learning Tools


    With the coming of the century full of technological knowledge, the requirement of professional software in Taiwan keeps raising. But sometimes these resources are not available at home or the cost of the software is very expensive. Therefore, we hope to create a comfortable learning area, and provide computers, professional computer software such as drawing and film editing software, professional equipment, and also learning courses.

  • 4. Create and learn

    With the concept "One Library, One Speciality", everyone is encouraged to be innovative.

    Model-One Library, One Speciality

    Each library is given a speciality such as technology, art, creative maker and information.

    Creative Maker Library

    Two floors will be used.

    First floor is divided into three parts: 3D printing, woodworking and Arduino. Creative makers can make and create there own tools as well as artworks with their innovations.

    Second floor is for exhibition and self-study. Creative makers can display their artworks and look for information that they need in the self-study area.


    *Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software.

    Video-Creative Maker Library

    We aim to provide an area which allows students to be creative and innovative.

  • 5. connect and learn

    Providing a relaxing and comfortable environment, we expect to rouse the teenagers' interest in studying and social contact.


    We provide boxes and cafeteria. Boxes include large size, mini size and entertainment room.

    Large box with electric devices makes it an awesome place for discussing and club meeting. Mini box is offered for tutoring and teaching.

    Board game in the entertainment room is always the best choice for teenagers.

    Fitting with the policy of food limit in the boxes, cafeteria is the place for you to enjoy your meal.

    Video-Library Vision

    Libraries will soon be the place where teenagers expected to go.

    Creative, practical and relaxing environment is what teenagers need.

    Enjoy your time after school in the libraries!


    In the summer of 2019, 33 students of Taiwan went to the Oodi Helsinki Central Library to create an ideal library for Taiwanese high school students.


    · 【Coach】 Maggie, Jessica, Sarah, Bella, Rose

    · 【Website group】Hailey, Christy, Melody, Fifi, Peggy

    · 【Architect group】Nina, Michael, Chloe, Audrey, Vienne

    · 【Analog user group】Christine, Lydia, Elaine, Ethan, Alex

    · 【Director group】Fabio, Charlotte, Isaac, Angela, Ansley

    · 【Data analysis group】Evan, Brett, Vivian, Diego, Lulu

    · 【AR group】J.J., Eason, Brett, Diego, Blanch

    · 【Execution group】Lisa, Sophia, Aldrich, Kevin, Fisher

    Details Contact :

    Aldrich (+886)920-059-426

    Fisher (+886)912-780-067